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Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner

Finn cast a bemused smirk at his girlfriend. It was the last day of school today, and had been an absolutely rockin’ sort of day. They had gotten final news that glee club wouldn’t be cancelled and it was followed up with Mr. Schue’s wish that they have a good summer off. The three months stretched before Finn like some perfect, magical time and it had everything to do with the girl who was laying next to him on the blanket at the municipal park. After school had officially let out, last bell rung and yearbooks signed, they had come here for lunch and decided to stay a while. They had laid back on the blanket, watching the clouds drift by. Stretched out on that blanket in the fresh air with sunshine all around, it seemed like nothing could go wrong.

He just wished she would shut up and enjoy it.

But no; she was the girl who planned everything out, in great detail and as far ahead as possible. Finn didn’t exactly care, but he was reasonably sure she had already figured out what they were doing each and every day of the summer. For now he was glad to be along for the ride, but she was talking about so many details he had long ago stopped listening because he couldn’t keep up.

He refocused his ears on the sound of her voice and smiled.

"—and I think if we want a strong showing at Sectionals we’re really going to have to focus on our mashups because we do so well with those but we can make them even better and I think if we were to pair your classic rock recommendations with my showtunes we could make something truly spectacular—"

He sighed. His sophomore year of high school had been so hard. If someone would’ve asked him a few short months ago where he imagined himself at this moment, he would’ve been at a total loss. He had been scrambling to get his grades up, even though they were already decent, because he wanted a football scholarship so badly. He had always wanted one, but once his girlfriend had squeaked out one heart-stopping word, the want had turned into a desire so intense he couldn’t do anything but keep his eye on the target.

Kind of the way he’d ended up feeling about the chatterbox laying next to him. Not the same girlfriend, by the way.

But then it had been ripped away from him, and it had taken him a while to actually feel grateful for the second chance. It was a new beginning for him and this summer felt like the great big breath before the fresh start. He looked over at Rachel. She was still talking, totally unaware that he’d stopped listening about an hour ago. She was the breath of fresh air for him. He would never forget how special she was to him, even if she was a little bit high-strung. Maybe he could try to get her drunk this summer. That would loosen her up a little bit and it felt good for him to have some kind of a goal.

"—and then they said you can’t come over at all until they’ve met you."

Oh, crap. Back the bus up. He’d missed something. He pulled an arm out from under his head and flipped it over to tickle the forearm she had long ago stretched out. She’d been idly pinching the material of his shirt the whole time she was talking. Now he chose to make contact as he came back down from daydreaming in the clouds and his finger traced a random shape. He was aiming for a football, but he was sure she wouldn’t guess what it was. Anyway, he’d missed something.

"Wait. What?"

"My dads invited you over for Shabbat dinner on Friday night after Daddy finishes at temple," she said brightly.

He rolled his head over to look at her with wide-eyed horror. “No way!”

She gave a patient little sigh and looked over at him. “It won’t be so bad. And then you’ll have…mostly…unlimited visiting privileges for the rest of the summer.”

"It won’t be so bad," he repeated in a dry, ominous voice before continuing on. "Did you hear the awesome story about the last time I met my girlfriend’s parents? It ended with her getting kicked out and coming to live with me and my mom."

Rachel laughed at the look his face. “Well, this will be totally different. I promise.” She turned her head back up to look at the sky again. “Because I’m pretty sure you won’t be bursting out in song to reveal my pregnancy.”

He groaned. “Not cool,” he said in a low growl.

"Well, it’s still true," she sighed. "I have no doubt everything will go well. They have no reason not to love you, Finn. I love you. So I’m sure they will love you.”

He dropped his head again and looked at her, no longer able to resist kissing her. They were still figuring all this stuff out, so there was always that awkward moment right before they kissed when they both knew it was going to happen but their hearts weren’t beating and they were holding their breath. It was even weirder when they were laying down. But it was still kissing so it still felt good, and he was still brushing his fingertips over her arm and she was sighing about it.

He pulled away and looked at her thoughtfully. “You should come to dinner Friday night with my family, too. We usually eat earlier than you.”

He saw her throat move as she gulped. “Now that is not such a good idea.”

Finn wrapped her hand up in his hand, his hand like a burrito around hers because she was so little. He dragged her hand up to his mouth and placed a whisper-light kiss on the bottom of her thumb. “And why not?”

"I make a terrible first impression," she sighed. "And won’t Kurt be there? Kurt hates me."

"I don’t think Kurt really hates you that much. He and his dad are too busy wishing they could kill me with their eyes to hate you. You’ll be a welcome distraction," he concluded. He hoped he was being enticing.

"How about this?" She said, sitting up beside him and propping her head up on her elbow. "How about you come to dinner at my house and then we make an excuse and come right back here to make out for a while?"

"No," he said quickly. His eyes darted off to the side and then back to her. "How about we go to my stupid family dinner, then go to your stupid family dinner, then I take you out on a date."

She looked away. “My curfew is early on Fridays.”

"Okay, then I will take you out Saturday. All day. We’ll go to that drive in over in Dayton and then we can make out during a double feature in the back of my truck."

She collapsed back onto her back and sighed dramatically. “Okay, so double dinner Friday, double movie Saturday…” she rolled her head back toward him.

"Mmm-hmm…" he murmured in agreement. He flopped back down onto the blanket, sucking up some more of the warm sunshine. He kept her hand clasped in his and closed his eyes. It was safe to say—life was good. Finn Hudson loved summer almost as much as he loved Christmas.

Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner is a multi-chapter story by by the amazing JannP, and it’s taking us back a little into the past as we find out what meeting each other’s parents could have been like for Finn and Rachel. But in the aftermath of Finn’s teeny tiny “misunderstanding” with Burt Hummel, and Rachel’s callous abandonment by Shelby, things are not actually going to as smoothly as they both wish they would - but hey, at least there’s no pregnancy to sing about this time!

The story has some marvellous interactions between Carole and Rachel - as well as everyone else - and gives a wonderful glimpse into that early stage of their relationship; it really shows why Finn and Rachel do work so well together.