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Scenes from a Hallway

Quinn is a mess right now. She’s been crying nonstop for about 5 minutes now. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I knew we couldn’t keep this quiet forever. Sooner or later she was definitely going to start showing. Pregnant girls aren’t exactly skinny for 9 months. I guess it’s better it’s finally out and we can stop hiding things from everyone. It was too much to ask the entire Glee club to keep our secret and protect us. This is our problem, not theirs.

I see Rachel standing at the other end of the hallway. She looks devastated. I heard from Puck that she actually had to give Jacob a pair of her underwear to keep him quiet. It must be pretty humiliating to her that she had to do that AND he still wrote the story. But I don’t want her to blame herself for this. It’s not her fault. This is on me. I should have been honest in the first place. Lying never gets anyone anywhere. I have to somehow convince Quinn to come clean to our parents. They will know what to do. We can’t do this on our own.

But she keeps telling me that it’s going to be ok if we just keep this quiet. I need my mom. I don’t know why she doesn’t understand that. The first thing Rachel told me to do was to follow my heart. She told me that I needed to talk to someone I trusted. And as much as I don’t want to let my mom down, I trust her to tell me what to do. I really need my mom but Quinn is refusing me to talk to her. It’s making me sick inside.

I can’t handle all of this alone. I’m tired, I’m angry a lot, and I feel trapped. Some nights I lay awake in bed wishing I could just become invisible for a while. Just disappear so that no one can see me or expect things of me. I’m still just a kid. I’m not supposed to be raising babies or even have a pregnant girlfriend to begin with. I really have NO idea how I got in this place to start with. It’s not like I even had sex. I’m so confused by all of this. I really did think you had to actually have sex to get a girl pregnant. I can’t be the only guy in the world to get his girlfriend pregnant just because I didn’t hit a mailman fast enough in my brain! I really need to look that up on my computer. I must really be an idiot!

But idiot aside, I really am trapped in this. I mean I care about Quinn, she’s like the first girl I ever considered a girlfriend. And when she isn’t being a bitch she is kind of fun to be around. I guess I started dating her because she was a cheerleader and that’s pretty hot. I like the skirts and the way they lift up when she spins around and you can see those little red panties. It was cool to have a cheerleader as a girlfriend and it made me cool. But ever since I’ve gotten to know Rachel, I have realized that you don’t really have to be cool to actually BE cool. Rachel is definitely not what this school would consider cool, but she doesn’t care what they think.

But none of that matters anyway, because Quinn’s pregnant and the whole school knows now. And everyone is staring at us as they walk by in the hallway, I hear them whispering about how the quarterback knocked up the cheerleader and how we are going to have to drop out of school and move out to the trailer park in Lima Heights to raise our bastard baby. And that’s when it hits me. Every dream I ever had for my life is over. Gone. And standing here with Quinn crying in my arms while I’m staring across the hall at Rachel is the first time I feel the tears building in my eyes. I’m officially a Lima loser.

Scenes from a Hallway is a collection of scenes from the show that is visiting Finn’s mind during the times he is either talking to or seen observing Rachel. Written by gleefully-finchel, it’s a wonderful insight into what’s going through his head, not just while he’s actually talking to her, but also his motivations and his hopes, as well as whatever else is going on in there. Definitely a must-read!

In order to enjoy these scenes, one should really read through them on her tumblr, where she’s posted pictures matching each scene.