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This Diamond In My Heart

And if every window pane should shatter
If every wall should fall apart
Well it might hurt a bit
But wouldn’t it matter
With this diamond in my heart
There’s no need to nail it to the ground
There’s no need to smother it with sense
Just listen to the rhythm of your heart
That pounds and trust it all to chance
'Cause we're standing face to face
With the Angel of Grace
And don’t it just taste so pure

Mercy me, I’m falling free
Mercy me, I’m falling free
Mercy me, I’m falling free
Since you opened up the door

"…yes?" came her voice, after a long moment. She sounded hesitant.

He needed to find some way to get her to relax. But he had no idea how, past leaning over and kissing her – and he was afraid that would just make things worse at the moment.

"I thought you’d fallen asleep."

At that, he felt her shift against his body. Turning his head, he watched as she propped her elbow up and leant her head onto it, her face now level with his. There was a blade of grass entangled in her hair, just above her forehead.

"No…. I was just thinking."

She was uncharacteristically quiet now. He wasn’t sure what that meant – the bubbly Rachel was almost completely gone now, replaced by a much quieter, much more serious, much more mature version of her self. When he looked into her eyes all he could see was her vulnerability, and it stunned him. She was like an open book before him now, and he was almost afraid to read what was written inside it for him.

He swallowed, nervously, and broke their eye contact.

"What were you thinking about?"

At that she let go of his hand that she’d still been holding until then. The loss of contact felt painful; he was still too afraid she’d change her mind again and leave him lying there by himself. If nothing else he would have been content to lie there in the grass with her, holding her, until the end of days.

"This. Us."

This Diamond In My Heart is a slighty older one shot Song Fic that sets after Regionals. MaraMac did a wonderful job to capture a fluffy Moment between Finn and Rachel, where she talks to him about love.

The Fic is written perfectly in character and portrays a cute moment, the lyrics fitting perfectly with the newfound sitation both Finn and Rachel are in. It all makes us wish the Glee writers would have given us such a wonderful and cute scene on the show.