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From the Ballroom Floor

"Rach…are you sure?” He asked softly, his eyes wide and watching carefully. “I mean…I…”

She was sitting sideways in his lap, his fingers still tickling her bare thigh under the layer of tulle that fluffed the dress out, but she turned and took his face in her hands. “I’m sure.”

"Okay," he agreed, moving to kiss her again. Her legs and posture relaxed a little more and he inched his hand up further on her thigh as she unbuttoned his shirt and reached inside. Being skin-to-skin in any capacity was a fairly new development in their relationship and it seemed like they both craved it more and more. He wondered in a brief, fleeting thought if that meant they were getting closer to having sex and he had to repress his sigh. There was no way he could take that step with her unless he’d been totally honest about it being his first time… but only in the sense that it was his first time that meant something.

Could he be the kind of guy who violated her trust with dishonesty? There was no way because at the very least, Santana wouldn’t let him. This time there was no repressing the sigh.

She pulled away. “Are you okay?” She asked softly, never moving very far away. He could still feel her lips moving against his.

Rachel could feel her control slipping as his hand moved upward from her thigh. She wanted to take another step. She felt like she was ready for something more, had felt it for weeks now, but one thing she was never very good at was relinquishing control. She wasn’t good at trusting fully and letting someone else take charge. It helped at times that Finn wasn’t very good at actually taking charge, but there was something about him when they were like this.

She wanted to lose control. She wanted him to take charge. When he would lean back with a sly smile for just a moment before he forced her to roll over on her bed as they were making out, she secretly loved it. She loved the way his weight rested against her and the way he was so careful to keep his hands busy in her hair or on her waist unless she directed him elsewhere.

He was just so respectful. So sweet. She loved him so much and was gaining more security in the ebb and flow of that feeling every day. She was finally understanding what it was like to be a partner rather than being the boss. It was actually nice to let someone else take charge once in a while and she trusted him to do it. He was the only one she trusted that way.

"I wanted to tell you something," she finally said, her fingers dancing over the short hair at the back of his neck. There was something in the air tonight, something heady and fast and wonderful. Something that made her feel brave and reckless and like giving up control.

"Okay," he said openly. "Anything."

She smiled briefly. “I’m getting tired of saying no.”

Where before his voice was heavy, weighted with desire and lust and everything she knew she had put there by rubbing up against him during their long makeout session—now it was clear and maybe even a little uncertain. “Wh-what?”

Way to rein it in, Finn. As the voice in his head mocked him, he cleared his throat.

"Not tonight, of course," she said simply. "I would feel a little more relaxed if it was planned, but…you know, after we win Sectionals. Maybe during Winter Break?"

"Like a Christmas present?" He asked doubtfully and she actually laughed. It was a gentle laugh, though, so two critical things were at play: she wasn’t making fun of him and she knew he wasn’t entirely serious.

"There’s something romantic about the first real snow," she said in a low voice. Her eyes were freely roving his face, her body was still pressed against him and her bare skin was so warm. There was no way he could say no to any of that. There was no way he could say anything. So he nodded his agreement.

From the Ballroom Floor promises to be a wonderful collection of one-shots by JannP, set during the wedding of Carole and Burt. In the very first installment of it, as they are alone at the end of a very special night, Finn and Rachel are sharing a bottle of champagne and some important decisions are made - and then almost cast aside as the heat of the moment overcomes them.

The story only focuses on Finn and Rachel during the first chapter; all the other chapters will be about the various other couples/Glee members.