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(Rated: M) In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman

He hates this game. Words are hard and he’s simply no good at them.

"Pianoist isn’t a word." Rachel points out when he finally lays down his tiles after five minutes of studying and rearranging the letters.

"Sure it is," Finn protests looking from Rachel to her dad and then back again, "like Brad’s the pianoist for glee club."

Rachel shakes her head no. “It’s pianist. Brad’s the pianist for glee club, not pianoist.”

"Are you sure?"

Rachel nods and the taller Mr. Berry agrees, “I’m afraid Twinkle’s right Finn, but you can still play using the word piano.”

He thinks about giving the whole board a shove and watching the stupid lettered tiles scatter across the floor but he kind of likes Rachel’s dads and there’s food cooking in the kitchen that’s making his stomach growl. He doesn’t want to be asked to leave so instead he mixes the new tiles in with the old ones and tries to find a word that will get him out of last place. That’s when the house phone rings, completely breaking his concentration.

"I’ll get it," the shorter Mr. Berry says, pushing away from the coffee table they were all seated around and making his way towards the kitchen. "I need to check on dinner anyway."

Rachel lays down a triple word score and Finn realizes that he really, really hates this game. Luckily Mr. Berry pokes his head back into the living room and announces, “Finn that was your mother. She says the roads have gotten really treacherous and would prefer you not driving. I told her we’d be more than happy to make up the couch for you.”

"Oh, um, thanks Mr. Berry," Finn replies.

He’s kind of surprised. He’s never spent the night at a girl’s house before; Quinn’s parents barely let him past the front porch much less into her room, but the road conditions mean that the snow’s still falling and he has a pretty good feeling that schools will be closed come morning.

She wakes to the pale light of winter seeping into her bedroom through the crack in her curtains. Outside Lima has been transformed into a winter wonderland by twenty-two inches of snow. A plow rumbles down the street, scraping the road clean and she wonders if her father’s were able to make it out to work. She tiptoes downstairs being careful not to wake Finn who’s still asleep on the couch.

In the kitchen she finds a note from her father’s and she can’t help but smile at the thought of having Finn all to herself for the day. She sets about making a cup of peppermint tea, glancing over her shoulder once in a while to watch Finn sleep soundly, his oversized body curled into an awkward angle. When he startles awake she’s taking her first drink of tea and she nearly spits it out as he jerks up and cries, “Dinosaurs!”

"It’s just the snow plows," she chuckles leaning against the door frame that conjoins the two rooms. "It looks like you got your snow day."

He sits up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hands, and smiles. “What should we do first?” he asks. Before she can answer he gets a whiff of her tea and his eyes glaze over. “Smells good, what is it?”

She doesn’t normally like to share beverages, germs can be detrimental to her vocal cords but their dating, and they’ve made out plenty so she assumes it’ll be safe and hands him the ceramic cup. “It’s peppermint tea.”

He takes a drink, hissing when it burns his tongue. “Mm, good,” he adds once he’s recovered.

"You said something yesterday about sled ridding," she says turning the subject back to the weather and their snow day together. When he nods she continues, "When I was little we use to live across the street from Hover Park—"

"I love that place. The huge slope is great for sledding."

"Yes, so I’ve heard. Only I’ve never actually been because the older kids made it nearly impossible for some of us younger kids to have turns."

"You’ve never been sledding?"

Rachel shakes her head no and tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “That’s what I’d like to do first today.”

He grins widely at her, his hair sticking up in different directions. She takes the cup from his hands and sets it on the scrabble game that’s still laid out on the coffee table before enveloping him in a huge hug. She has a feeling that today’s going to be very special.

Just a cute, fluffy little one-shot, In the Meadow we can build a Snowman is written by snoozin81. When it starts snowing Rachel’s more concerned about implementing a snow plan for the Glee club than actually enjoying the snow, and it’s up to Finn to make her see that snow is something you can have fun in.

While the story has an M rating, it’s not really smutty. Not as much as some other stories are, anyway.