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Your Voice Is The Soundtrack Of My Summer

He takes her out to play some basketball.

Well, Rachel doesn’t necessarily know how to play basketball, but at least she’s not afraid of one, and Finn can teach her, so it’s okay.

Or, so he thought.

It starts off easy; Finn holds the ball in his hands, over Rachel’s, and shoots it at the basket. It goes in, and that’s that, and Rachel smiles at him in her cute, Rachel way that still makes Finn get butterflies in his stomach, and everything. It’s fine, really, until he steps off to sit down on the bench and tells her to give a go on her own.

She smiling at him, before she practically jumps in the air, and almost loses her balance (and Finn knows she kinda wants to pretend that didn’t happen, so he reminds himself never to talk about it), and shoots the ball. It bounces right off of the rim, and she frowns really deep.

It kind of reminds Finn of when he used to frown while he ate his vegetables, and his mom would warn him not to do that because he’d get wrinkles – but he decides not to tell that to Rachel, since she’s so anal about growing old anyway.

The basketball rolls back to her feet, and she bends down to pick it up and try again. Finn squirms a bit, and tries to ignore the throb in his pants. She’s not wearing a skirt or anything, but…

"Darn it!" Rachel yells, aggravated, and stomps her foot. Finn smiles slightly, before walking toward her as she attempts to make another shot. The ball seems like it’s about to go in, rolling around the rim, but then it changes its mind and falls off. She pouts, and Finn thinks she’s just, really, really adorable.

"Need some help?" He asks; amused at how much this is bothering her. She huffs, dribbling the ball, a determined look on her face as she gets ready to shoot.

"No," she says hotly, and makes another shot. The ball bounces off, again. Her hands ball into fists and her eye twitches.

Finn smirks. “You’re holding the ball wrong, babe,” he says teasingly, and steps back just in case she hits him. She sends him a glare instead, and it’s just as frightening as her trying to beat on him, if not a little more.

"I can help…" He tries again, and Rachel shakes her head.



"Finn, I catch on to things very quickly. Just let me do this," she moves the ball away from his reach and he frowns.

"At least hold the ball right," he grumbles, but instantly wishes that he hadn’t, because she turns to him, and she’s looking all kinds of angry, like she could bite his head off or something.

"Excuse me?” She shrieks, and Finn jumps back and birds fly away.

"It’s just—I…you…you’re holding the ball wrong! Your fingers are all bunched up and everything, and I know your hands are kinda big, but so is the ball and—"

She throws the ball at his chest, and storms down the hill without another word.


Finn decides that this could’ve been worse.

Your Voice Is The Soundtrack Of My Summer is an amazing one-shot by SassySauce, about Finn’s and Rachel’s first summer spent together. Follow the ups and downs (but mainly the ups) of their budding relationship as the summer brings them closer together, but also makes them deal with such horrible things as two weeks of not seeing each other when the Berry’s go on vacation. This is mainly cute and fluffy, but it’s got some wonderfully meaningful moments that truly show what is so great about Finchel.