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Trouble Ahead

He still can’t believe he’s being forced to do this. Shit.

Seriously, he’s heard of punishment and whatever, but joining Glee club? That sounds like torture and social suicide mixed into one seriously lame package. He doesn’t even understand why he has to serve this weird alternative to detention anyways. Sure, he’s Finn Hudson, so everyone knows that he’s kind of stupid but come on. He’s not that stupid to leave pot in his locker. Sure, he’s smoked up a few times with Puck when they’re both bored and don’t feel like watching porn or playing football, but he’s not dumb enough to do something like that. Besides, he usually doesn’t get the pot himself. Puck is the delinquent – that’s the right word, right? - and he’s the good one. Puck probably stashed it in his locker for safe keeping. Asshole.

But, it could be worse, that’s what he keeps reminding himself. Mr. Schuester says that he’s not going to tell his mom, nor is he going to tell Quinn. Thank God he’s not going to tell Quinn. She would totally flip a shit if he knew, and that would put a wrench in his plans to get into her pants. Seriously, they’ve been dating for four months, and she won’t even let him feel her up over her clothes. Lame. He even joined the celibacy club for her, and he doesn’t even know what celibacy means. He thinks it’s some kind of party because celib is the beginning of celibrate. Celibrate, celibacy – see, close enough.

Anyways, he has to join this stupid Glee club now. New Directions, which, by the way, he thinks sounds like Nude Erections. How does anyone want him to be serious when the club is named something like that? It’s like…impossible. Finn knows he wanted to join for like, two seconds, until Puck reminded him how lame it was, but now that he’s being forced to join, he doesn’t want to anymore. It was cool when it was just an idea, but now that it’s a reality, he sees the gay rumors starting and his reputation being flushed down the tubes. By Puck.

But whatever, he shows up because he doesn’t really have a choice. He needs the extra credit in Spanish and he really doesn’t want to lose the football scholarship he didn’t even know that he had. Finn Hudson is an honest guy, most of the time, and he’s going to at least give this thing a try. He can’t fail another class or he’ll get kicked off the football team and then he’ll just be a loser again and Quinn will break up with him and he doesn’t want any of those things to happen.

Trouble Ahead is a one-shot that takes us all the way back to the very beginning of Glee. Written by Singyoutosleep for insidethegleek.com, it gives us an insight into Finn Hudson’s mind as he joins Glee and meets a certain freaky girl with an amazing voice. It’s the moment his life is changed forever - and he gets a glimpse of it without realising it.