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And When Your Fears Subside

She falls asleep on his lap.

His mom and Burt are both a little tipsy at the head table as they talk with their friends, and some of the guests have already gone home, but there are plenty more still on the dance floor. It’s way past midnight, though, and Rachel’s curled up like a little cat in his arms, her face tucked into his neck.

Her face is flushed pink, her hair has mostly come undone, and one strap of her dress has slipped slightly. He looks down at her, and he feels this kind of warmth seep into him. He feels this, like, this tenderness overtake him. He wants to take care of her. He wants to carry her to bed and tuck her under the sheets and whisper “sweet dreams” to her.

He loves her, and it’s kinda scary.

He wants to make out with her and he wants to see her naked and he wants to have sex with her.

But that’s just the start of it all.

He wants to buy her that sweater with the cat on it he saw at the mall, ‘cause he knows it’ll make her smile and she’ll absolutely love it. He wants to see her in a musical ‘cause she’s always wanted to be in one. He wants to bake her brownies or something ‘cause she always bakes stuff for him and somebody should make something for her. He wants to give her everything.

He doesn’t really think it’s, you know, normal for somebody his age to feel this way.

He does, though.

He thinks about the vows Burt and his mom made, and he plans out his own in his head. He’ll tell her that she changed his life, and that she makes him want to be better, but she accepts him for who he is, and it’s so … it’s so rare — that’s a good word for it — to find somebody like that. He’ll tell her that he can always count on her and… .

His vows won’t be very fancy, and hers will have all these big words and everything and they’ll reduce everybody to tears, but he’ll still really mean his, and he knows she’ll like them. And he is gonna marry her someday. He just knows it.

"Mmm, Finn?" Rachel murmurs sleepily, shifting slightly. “‘S cold," she whispers, pressing her face into his neck.

"You want me to take you home?" he offers.

"No," she says. Her eyes are still closed. "Wanna stay here with you."

He smiles a little, and then he cradles her to his chest with one hand as he reaches around and pulls his tux jacket off the back of his chair. “Here,” he says, and he gently props her up and helps her slip the coat on. It totally dwarfs her, which is completely adorable. She settles back against his chest, unconsciously smacking her lips a little sleepily.

"Thanks, baby," she mutters, "love you."

He only kisses her head.

And I’ll love you forever. That’s how his end his vows.

'Cause he will.

And When Your Fears Subside is another perfect one-shot by monroeslittle. Following some defining moments from Season 1 events and quickly moving on to the present, it lets us follow Finn’s feelings and thoughts as he realises the depths of his love for Rachel during the course of the rise and fall of their relationship. Full of beautiful moments like the one above, and full of wonderful internal ramblings as Finn struggles to make sense of it all, it’s an amazing tale - not a simple reconciliation story, but so much more.