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Send me away on the words of a love song

Rachel Berry in his letterman jacket was… hot. It was too big for her of course, but she didn’t seem to mind. It covered the length of her body, her skirt barely peeking out and he had to slug Puck and Mike a few times for staring just a little bit too long. Her legs were amazing, toned and long and he had to force himself to look away one time too many. At least he was allowed to look.

Mr. Shue had taken them out for pizza one evening after Glee practice. Nationals were in Las Vegas in five weeks and they’d been practicing every day to get everything right. Two songs were all they needed, a quartet with Rachel, Finn, Mercedes and Puck then a medley that was guaranteed a win.

She sat on the bench between his legs nibbling on a veggie pizza she’d split with Kurt and Quinn. She was laughing with everyone, teasing and chuckling at jokes and dodging pieces of pineapple Kurt kept throwing at her. She looked happy, and she was laughing so he was happy. He doesn’t have to do much really to keep her happy, he realizes.

The scary, hyperactive drama queen they all thought she was at the beginning of glee was more toned down. Sure, she was still a Nazi when it came to songs and singing but she was really mellow now. She listened to everyone else’s ideas, helped them with voice lessons, she actually taught him how to read and write sheet music for his drums and volunteered to tutor the footballers with Mercedes.

He wonders how people never really liked her in the beginning. And feels a little bad when he realizes, he though the same thing. All they had to do was listen to her for a minute and they’d seen how great she was. Yes, she was still headstrong and irritatingly insistent that they be the best for their performance but it just showed that she was determined to excel at everything she did. He can’t for the life of him remember why they called her weird. And his stepbrother likes her now, and that’s amazing in itself. Kurt rarely trusts anyone. He thinks these past couple of months have sure mellowed out everyone. Maybe it’s the knowledge that high school was almost over. He understands that all too well.

Rachel wants to go to Broadway, and the way she sings, he thinks that’ll be any day now. He watches her as she whispers with Kurt and Tina. Soon though she puts the pizza back in the box, wiping her hand on a piece of napkin then pushes her fingers against her temple. He bends over, pulling her hair behind her ear.

"You alright, babe?"

"Headache." She murmurs. He hands her a bottle of water.

"Need me to take you home?"

She nods tiredly, pushing her fingers harder at her head.

"Mr. Shue, I’m gonna take Rachel home. She has a headache." He calls out to their teacher.

"Sure. Feel better Rachel. And try to stop worrying about Nationals."

They say their goodbyes and he takes her arm as she stands up. She wobbles when she stands and he just bends down in front her. “Piggy back ride?”

She giggles and climbs on, pressing her face into his shoulder as he walks over to his truck, setting her down by the passenger door. She stumbles a little when she’s on her feet but he ushers her in, pulling her to his side as he points the car towards her house. She’s quiet on the way home, but she’s not sleeping when he has to carry her from the car up the stairs to her room. Her father has a pained look on his face but he quietly thanks him and he makes them promise to call if anything happens.

He can’t help the curiosity that gnaws at him as he drives home.

There are some stories that make reading them into an underhand sort of torture, because you really don’t want to go on reading because of all the sadness but somehow you just keep clicking on “next chapter” anyway, because you’re simply not able to pry yourself away from finding out how it goes on anyway. Send me away on the words of a love song by DharkePhoenyx is one of those stories: Rachel’s got an inoperable tumor in her head and is given a few years to live at most when she’s only a highschool sophomore. She’s determined to make the most of it, and really - it’s not going to be so hard if she doesn’t have friends at school and no one really cares about her. But as her highschool years pass she makes friends, and even finds love with Finn Hudson. When her new friends find out about her illness and her dream to go and see the world - or at least Europe - after graduation, they all postpone their own dreams for a year to make hers come true. And Finn is right there by her side, supporting her and watching over her - and loving her forever.

I think it’s only fair to warn you: this story does include a character death - for really, it’s inevitable - but it does end on a happier note.