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(Rated: M) Love, the kind you just want to give away

He sees her at school the next day. She smiles at him from her locker and he can’t help but pull her into the empty choir room.

“Finn?” She looks at him like he’s crazy or something (and maybe he is. Who the hell isn’t sometimes?). “I have to get ready for class.”

She just looks so cute in her little dress and sweater set. No knee socks today, just some brightly coloured leg things. But this isn’t about her clothes at all. He’s been thinking about kissing her all night (he’s a guy), okay, maybe it’s more like eight months (since the last time they kissed and he felt really bad about it after because it was like leading her on and he’s a good guy and good guys don’t do that and Rachel deserves more than that).

“Okay,” he starts. “It’s just… I’ve been thinking about something for a while, like, all night… and maybe a couple months before that… but… Can I just…” He puts a hand on either side of her face and hears her breath (and maybe his, too) hitch. She turns her face up and he leans down.

As completely cheesebucket as it is, when his lips close over hers he sees those shiny gold stars she always sticks behind her name (once she called it a mesa-four or something, he can’t really remember anymore), but it’s blinding and addictive.

So he does it again, worrying her top lip with his teeth, scraping and soothing and scraping some more. And – holy fuck – her tongue slips along his bottom lip and Finn Jr. is about to make an extremely embarrassing appearance so he pulls away, breathing hard, concentrating on dead kittens (yuck), the image of his mom naked (so wrong), and finally the damn mailman (who now works a completely different route). And yep, he’s good.

“Wow,” she says, her eyes glazed, kind of like the doughnut he wanted for breakfast.

Another one-shot fic in the mature rating (isn’t that just a lovely, fancy way for saying smutfic?) by becca_radcgg, this is an AU story of Finn and Rachel coming together, and culminates in their very first time of making love. I could’ve called it sex - they certainly did - but seriously, Love, the kind you just want to give away is all about the love they feel for each other, and it permeates the story in every small detail. It’s truly lovely.