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Drabble: Drizzle


He’s been sitting at the couch alone for almost ten minutes, watching as Beth rummages through the pink princess trunk in front of him. The blanket she’s currently sitting on has a freaking huge print of Elmo’s head in the middle of it and her tiny little butt is currently firmly perched on Elmo’s nose.

Rachel’s muttering to herself in the kitchen as she takes out a saucepan for Beth’s lunch, and he knows better than to interrupt her when she’s being this way. She’ll just get pissed at him for distracting her.

“Careful,” he says automatically when the toddler’s grip on the edge of her trunk slips. Beth flops to the side and his arm shoots out to keep her from tipping over as she teeters near the edge of the blanket. She looks surprised for a few seconds, before she looks up at him, her blue-green eyes crinkling as she giggles.

He chuckles.

“You’re cute, you know that?” he tells her, amused as he slides off the couch to sit cross-legged next to her on the floor. “What’cha doin’ there? You wanna take out that red thingy? Yeah?”

She’s speaking to him in gibberish again, she does that a lot, and it looks like that’s exactly what she wants him to do by the loud way she’s currently babbling happily. He pulls out the red container, finding various blocks of different sizes inside. She grins up at him as she overturns the thing and the blocks spill out.

“You wanna play with me huh?” he asks, grinning, as he picks up a green square and puts it back in according to the shape on the box. Beth squeals as she claps her hands together and he laughs when she hands him another one. Her little blond head is hunched over the container in confusion as she tries to push a square into a circle.

“That doesn’t go there, silly. It goes here,” he says as he guides her hand to the right place. “Your name’s very pretty, Beth. I’ll bet you love your name, huh?”

He leans back, grinning at her.

“You know, I wanted to call you Drizzle. Hey, you like that?” He asks, delighted when she looks up and giggles. She smiles prettily up at him and he helps her with another block. She’s speaking to him, and he thinks she’s trying to tell him that she loves the name Drizzle, because it sounds pretty, just like her.

“Yeah, I know you look like a Beth,” he says as she continues with her mumbles. “But I bet you’d be an awesome Drizzle. I spent all night thinking about it too. That was when I thought I was going to be your daddy, but we’re not going to talk about that, kay? That story kinda sucks. Anyway, I wanted to call you Drizzle but Quinn, that’s your birth mom, she totally tore me down and said that it was a stupid name. I mean, seriously, she didn’t have to be that mean about it, but whatever. I think maybe she was really pissed at something else at the time, ‘cause she’s nicer than that. Most of the time anyway, but sometimes she’s kind of a bitch. Don’t tell her I said that,” he whispers. She looks up at him solemnly and he grins, patting her on the head.

“Yeah, that’s our little secret, ‘kay? So like, that’s how you were almost called Drizzle,” he finishes as he helps Beth fit another star-shaped block into the right hole. She looks up at him and giggles, waving one tiny hand towards him. He gives Beth a tiny fist-bump as he grins at her. “Yeah, you totally love the name Drizzle, don’t you? Quinn had no idea what she was talking about,” he finishes conspiratorially.

“And it’s way original too. I mean, I can tell you right now, that you got your name from a KISS song, which is pretty cool, I know, but I’ll bet he didn’t spend one whole night thinking about that one.”

Beth shuffles closer towards him, holding up a small triangle as a peace offering and he chuckles.

“You’re awesome little dude,” he tells her.

“She’s not a dude,” Rachel calls out from the kitchen. He looks up to find her smiling at them, her eyes shining when they meet his. He grins.

“Lady,” he amends.