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The Unexpected Effects of Reverse Psychology

Finn came out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later, cleaned up and dressed back in his sleep shirt and shorts, to see Rachel waiting for him in her bed, the bedclothes pulled back to let him in. He smiled, looking at her wearing the knee length white-and-navy striped nightdress that he’d picked out from her closet, then got in next to her and pulled the blanket over them.

"So, did I pass the test?" he asked lightly, putting his arms around her.

"Test?" Rachel looked back at him, confused.

"Yeah, you know," Finn continued, starting to stroke her shoulders, feeling their smoothness through the soft knit of her dress.

"Oh, this?" Rachel touched the front of her dress, just below the V of the neckline. "This wasn’t a test. Not for you anyway." She turned to face Finn, and caught his questioning look. "As I said, they’re all my clothes. Do I like it especially that you chose the one I bought because it reminded me of you?" She smiled at him. "Of course I do. But that’s me wanting validation, not testing you."

Finn moved a little closer to her. “So you bought your nightdress thinking about me?” he smiled softly. “Do you think about me when you wear it too, go to sleep thinking about me?”

"Of course I do," Rachel answered, her face bare inches from his. "Though that’s true of the other ones too, I always think about you when I’m going to sleep. I even tell you that when we talk just before."

"Oh yeah." Finn grinned sheepishly. "Me too."

"But when I’m in an extra special ‘thinking about Finn’ mood I often wear this," she said. "Especially if you’re busy and we can’t talk last thing. I like how it makes me feel, just a bit of how you make me feel."

"And how do I make you feel?" Finn’s mouth breathed his question into hers.

"Amazing," Rachel whispered her reply. "And so, so special." She closed the gap and kissed him, touching her tongue to his and then sucking on his bottom lip.

"Rach…" Finn gasped her name as he gripped her shoulders, returning her kiss. Her hands came up around his shoulders and they held each other tightly as they kissed deeply.

"But you are so special," Finn murmured as he caught his breath. "You don’t need me to show you that."

"Oh, I need you," Rachel breathed. "How I need you, Finn."

Finn pulled back a little. “I just don’t get it, I guess,” he admitted. “I mean, I know you love me. It blows me away every day, that you love me and you want to spend the rest of your life with me. I just don’t get what’s special about me that you do.”

"Finn." Rachel was aghast. "I can’t have you thinking you’re not good enough for me, that I’m somehow wrong to love you. You’re amazing." She snaked her hand between them and touched his chin, steering his face to look into hers. "I wish you could see yourself as you are in my eyes," she said seriously. "Look deeply and see yourself there so you can see the same wonderful man that I see."

Finn swallowed. “I mean, I know you love how we are together…” he steeled himself and met her eyes, diving into the warm pools of dark brown.

"That’s not it. Well, that’s fabulous, but if you weren’t you, if you weren’t the wonderful man you are, and we didn’t have this amazing trust, that wouldn’t be possible.” Rachel frowned to herself, thinking, then gave Finn a serious smile. “Let me tell you what you’ve done, that shows who you are,” she said, fixing him with her gaze, starting to stroke the drying hair at the nape of his neck. Finn blinked, letting her continue. “When you asked me to marry you, you said you had ‘high school hero, life zero’ written all over you. You don’t. Everything you’ve done shows that you can do so much more in life too. It’s not obvious what that’ll be doing, not like it is for me, but I can tell you that you’re going to be just as much of a hero in life.”

"But how can you know that?"

"I know you," Rachel insisted. "And this isn’t just my love for you talking. You’re the guy who gets things done when others can’t. You’re the guy who gets everyone else to listen to him and pull together. You have saved the day, again and again, and in ways that count for a whole lot more than just high school."

"I have?"

"We wouldn’t even be in Regionals if you hadn’t pulled off Sectionals. Without me, against Santana and Mercedes, and I know there was a lot of despair and infighting leading up to the competition. But on the day – I couldn’t take my eyes off of you, you were so wonderful. And not just because I normally can’t, or because I love your voice, though I do, but because of how you pulled everyone together. I could feel how you led that final piece. And two years ago, we were falling apart until you showed up with the song we needed. And that was so hard for you, I know that, just being there after all that had happened, but you came and put us back together when we needed you."

"I brought a song and a pep talk. You pulled out your solo on the fly -"

"I’d been singing it for years and even then I was scared to perform it," Rachel insisted. "You brought a new song, and a plan, basically out of nothing, and we all listened to you, and you got us to pull it off. It’s what you do best. When the pressure’s on, and there’s hardly any time and everyone else is falling apart, you pull things together. Before Regionals too, two years ago. And the championship football game last year – you didn’t even have half your team for half of it."

"You helped a lot."

"I helped you. I supported you. But you did it. Just like you planned out Coach Sylvester’s sister’s funeral last year, and insisted that we do it, and you were so right about that, even the things that didn’t make sense to do. Especially the things that didn’t make sense to do, you have the best ideas. And don’t forget how you got us to put together Don’t Stop – we’d’ve lost Mr. Schue and the club right at the start if not for that." Rachel caressed his hair. "Now it’s you who needs to be told Don’t Stop Believin’," she said. "Don’t stop believing in yourself. The movie never ends."

"It goes on and on and on and on…" Finn sang softly beneath his breath.

"And so will we. I believe in you, Finn, and I always will." Rachel kissed him lightly. "And you’re also extraordinarily hot and a wonderful lover. Can’t forget that."

"Oh yeah?"

"Just don’t let it go to your head."

"I try not to be that dumb twice. Okay, a third time." Finn slowly stroked his hands down her back. "And I hope I’m never stupid enough again to let you go." He kissed Rachel, massaging her lips with his. "Great pep talk," he whispered.

"I learned from the master," she whispered back.

"But you left something out."


"All those things – I up my game around you," he explained.

"So do I. I’d never sang that solo so well before. And I’d be even better now, I understand it more." She pulled him close. "My heart’s a drummer," she murmured in his ear. "Synergy, like you said."

The Unexpected Effects of Reverse Psychology is a wonderful multi-chapter by henriettaline that could very well fill in the gaps between episodes. When Rachel and Finn realise that their families aren’t truly supporting their engagement but instead are trying to rush them into something they’re not prepared for, they decide to play along. It soon shows that while their new relationship status might be beneficial to them in some areas (like official sleep-overs), it’s not so great to have to defend their decisions to everyone from family to friends to teachers. It does lead them towards a better understanding of each other’s needs and wishes, however - and soon it seems that the more obvious Rachel’s dads’ attempts at refocusing her dreams are becoming, the more Finn and Rachel are actually feeling they should get married after all. 

This story provides a very satisfying outcome to the current storyline (in Season 3) and is definitely well worth the read.