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Drabble: Prom


“Did you ever think we would get here?”


She pulls away from his grasp, just far enough to look up at him, their bodies still swaying slightly to the soft music. He’s smiling down at her, that crooked, one-of-a-kind smile that never fails to wake those butterflies in her stomach. The light catches the plastic crown on his head and she giggles, reaching up to straighten it.

“I said,” she says quietly, her hands resting on his shoulders. “Did you ever think we would get here? Together on prom night and more in love than ever, three years ago?”

“When we first met?”



“Of course,” she mumbles, leaning her head back against his chest as his arms encircle her.


Her head shoots up to glare at him.


“You said you wanted the truth.”

“Yeah well. You didn’t have to be that blunt about it,” she grumbles. He chuckles.

“Babe, three years ago, you scared the crap out of me. Like in a totally good way,” he continues hastily when she starts to pull away. “I mean yeah, in the beginning you were all Swimfan like-“

“You really need to stop talking-“

“But then I realized you were, are, kinda really awesome and amazing, and well, then there was the whole baby thing-“

“You know what Finn, we don’t really need to have this conversation-“

“And then St. Jackass-“


“But then we got together,” he continues quietly, finally releasing her as he shoots her a small smile. “And I didn’t really think about it, but it felt like it was going to be forever.”

“But it wasn’t,” she murmurs sadly. They’ve stopped moving by now, both standing still in the middle of the dance floor as she looks up at him solemnly.

“Yeah. You messed my heart up good.”

“So did you!” she retorts, annoyed.

“I know,” he answers quietly before he lets out a rueful chuckle. He’s pretty sure they’re almost loud enough that a few people are listening in by now, but seriously, who the hell cares anyway? It’s Prom night, the last carefree night before everything changes.”You’d think we were hopeless.”

“I never thought that.”

“Really? Even you know, when you told me you were choosing New York over me?”

He’s gotta admit, the thought of that kinda still fucking hurts. She smiles up at him, tugging playfully against his tie.  

“You’re always going to be the love of my life Finn, no matter what happened. But I’m glad you proved me wrong.”

He laughs, pulling her closer as they begin to sway once again to the music.

“So did you ever think we’d get here, three years ago?”

“Finn,” she answers, amused. “Three years ago, I was already planning our matching outfits. You look amazing in this suit, by the way. Of course I did.”

She burrows herself further into his arms, grinning as she feels the vibrations of his laughter against her cheek.

“But there was this one time,” he murmurs. “You know, this amazing girl, she came up to me, in this really hot cat suit-“

She groans.

“Please stop.”

“And was all made up and doing this sexy dance in her bedroom,” he continues, ignoring her plea. “You know, there was this one moment right then, I kind of wished that it could happen, the two of us.”

She rolls her eyes as she looks up at him, her face heating up at the way his lips turn up in amusement and his eyes shine. He’s looking at her like she hung the moon, and no, she’s not being overdramatic.

“You said I looked like a sad clown hooker,” she says pointedly, ignoring the blush on her face.

“Did I?” he asks, feigning confusion as he leans closer, grinning at her as she starts to lean up. “Must’ve said the wrong thing. You know I always do that. I’m pretty sure I meant sexy clown hooker,” he mumbles against her lips, pulling her up towards him.

“Liar,” she whispers, smiling into his kiss. She squeals when he pulls away and sets her down, sending her a wink before he reaches for her hand, twirling her flawlessly once before dipping her back.

“Where did you learn that?” she asks breathlessly, impressed. He keeps a straight face as he pulls her back up.

“Practice, Rach. I need to step my game up before we get to New York.”

She laughs.


“Isn’t it obvious Berry? The stunning young ingénue needs her hot male lead.”