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Drabble: Funny Girl


They met as kids in kindergarten. She was the pretentious one who knew all the answers and thought she was better than everyone else. He was the cool one that knew how to strut his stuff even back then. They were a match made in hell.

He loved her.

He couldn’t explain exactly why he liked this girl who intentionally set out to prove she was the best even when there were things other people could do better. Perhaps it was the fact that nobody played with her. Perhaps it was the fact that she knew all about dinosaurs and could reel off tons of information about them. Or perhaps it was the melancholic look that haunted her as she realised that nobody ever wanted to be her partner. Of course she shrugged it off and pretended as if it didn’t matter, but he knew that it did. He knew yet he didn’t know how to reach out to her. She was a social outcast and he was…he was Finn Hudson. Everyone knew his name, even at that young age, whereas no-one knew hers. 

The day they became firm friends, they were 9, it was show and tell and he accidentally snapped the head off her favourite doll. So, in retaliation, she broke the leg off his toy dinosaur. They had ended up locked in a fierce verbal fight, which was never going to end well for Finn, in all honesty but this was truly awful. Mr. Cooper, their stuffy teacher, had had to intervene. That wasn’t cool. Mr. Cooper wasn’t one of those understanding teachers who said they had to apologise and makeup. He was one of the strict kind who put them in a room together until they had talked out their issues.

Of course neither planned to say a word. It was as if they were playing a game and neither intended on losing. Finn broke first as she knew he would. Honestly she was the most infuriatingly stubborn person when she wanted to be!

“Why did you do that?” he asked sulkily. “I never meant to break your doll and you snapped my t-rex’s leg off!”

“It was my favourite doll. I named her Patti and everything.” she retorted heatedly, clutching the beheaded doll to her chest as she glared at this boy, so much like all the others she had come across in her twelve years.

“Patti sounds like cowpat!” he laughed raucously, as he noted the horror-stricken expression on her face.

She could barely believe her ears at what he was saying. That he was mocking her idol’s name and evidently had no idea to whom she was referring. “Patti LuPone, you uncouth uncultural…….boy.” she exploded. “And how on Earth do you accidentally break her head off anyway?”

“It was Puck’s fault!” he protested. “He wanted to hide her from you and I didn’t want to. I tried to pull her back from him and..” 

She looked from her doll to him and back again, genuine remorse prominent now. “Someday you should come over and watch a documentary about her. She’s truly the most excellent performer! If….if you want to.” she suggested, more inclined to be kind to him now that he had explained everything.

“I want to.” he nodded, unsure of why he was agreeing to spending time at hers to watch some boring program about someone he had never even heard of when he could be hanging out with Puck. But he knew it was the right thing to do, especially because he had broken her favourite doll. “I’m Finn, by the way.”


Eight years later, numerous girlfriends later and there she was, still very much a loner, for the most part, still very much a performer and a know-it-all, but now it was getting harder and harder to deny his feelings for her or to find a reason to deny them. Somewhere along the line they had gone from casual acquaintances to close friends and somewhere along the line he had rediscovered the reasons he had liked her so much all those years ago.

It was corny, but around her Finn didn’t want to be the guy everyone wrote him off as being. She made him believe in himself and he wanted to make her believe in herself.rd Today marked the third day she had sat inside, curtains closed, eating ice cream and watching Funny Girl. Julliard acceptance letters had been mailed out days before and still Rachel had yet to hear anything. To say she was panicked would be an understatement.

As he had the two days prior, Finn equipped himself with a large tub of Ben and Jerry’s before making his way over to Rachel’s. Seeing her despondent expression told him everything he needed to know. Detouring via the kitchen, he grabbed 2 spoons before arranging himself on the sofa so that he was perfectly positioned to see not only the tv but to cradle her head on his lap, his fingers idly intertwining with her hair as he broke into the ice cream with the other.

Somehow Finn didn’t think he minded watching Funny Girl another three thousand times if it meant being here with Rachel, curled up on her sofa, away from everyone and everything else. “I love you, Rachel.” he whispers into her hair as he leans down to grab another spoonful of ice cream, the jasmine intermingling with her perfume, an intoxicating scent.

He didn’t realise she’d heard him. Didn’t realise that she had waited for so long to hear those words. “I love you, too.” she whispered back, mentally cataloguing this moment, in her dishevelled state, that Finn Hudson had said that he loved her. And in that moment she knew, that whatever happened with Julliard she was going to be okay.